Brand New Demos

All demos can be imported with only 1 click, choose
any of them or create your own.

Core Features

With these cool features, you can create any
website for any purpose.

15+ Preload Styles

Display a loading icon until the page loads completely is a good idea to improve your site’s user experience, we aready bundled 15 cool loading icons for you.

800+ Google Web Fonts

OneMax comes with more than 800 Google fonts, it is an online system which means you have unlimited possibility to extend the font repositories.

Loading Animations

With the amazing loading animation feature, you can choose how the element comes out, when the element comes out, make a lively website has never been that easy.

Unlimited Color

With the built-in color picker, you can define any colors to any elements, in addition, you also can use the color schemes to backup and import your color scheme.

Fully Customizable

Each element can be modified easily, including font size, color, background image and so on. With these flexible setting and module, you can create any websites for any purposes.

Custom Backgrounds

OneMax allows you to customize the background of your page by uploading an image, selecting a background color or choosing a Video.

Retina Ready

OneMax is ready for retina device. Your site will always look sharp and use high resolution pictures on retina device.

Demo Importer

With the pre-made demos, you can start your business in minutes, what you only need to do is one click, all contents will be imported into you website.

Auto Update

With the envato update tool, you can get update notification automatically, what you need to do is setup your Themeforest credentials, click the notification and then update, that’s it.

Powerful Option Panel

Option panel control the global setting of your website, it allows you to change the website style in minutes,
coding knowledge is not required for any customizations.